President Trump is not stupid or mentally unstable

Saturday , January 20, 2018 - 1:00 PM12 comments

Some liberal Democrats have latched onto the idea that President Trump is not only evil and shouldn’t have been elected, he’s not smart enough to be president nor is he mentally stable. They have been beating this drum for over a year, hoping desperately and working feverishly to prove themselves right. They are not only afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome, but also suffer ill effects of corrupted SFP (self fulfilling prophecy). The more desperate are offering millions of dollars to help unseat him. It seems that in the world of politics and celebrity, the inmates have taken over the asylum.

The thing about SFP is that to have a good outcome you must have a basis in reality. If you want to become, for instance, an acclaimed operatic soprano, you need to have the necessary physical and mental attributes and be willing to work very hard to achieve the desired result. Similarly, if you want to destroy Trump you need to have a basis in reality; wishing will not make it happen nor will outrageous pretenses.

Trump is an unconventional president, and perhaps unconventional in other areas as well; he is not stupid nor mentally incompetent or unstable. Unlike his predecessor, Obama, the king of eloquent rhetoric, Trump is plain-spoken but not plain-thinking.

He is a quick learner, and experienced in dealing with powerful people. He is super patriotic, a good negotiator, and often painfully direct and to the point. He actually likes people but doesn’t suffer fools. He is very high energy and has great stamina. Many of us believe that he is worth the inconvenience of having an unconventional leader. Trump may be trying to tackle too many tricky problems at one time but he and his advisers see that our country is in a world of hurt as a result of decisions made by previous administrations, and muddy thinking about America’s place in the world.

John W. Reynolds

Pleasant View

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